Lecturer Islamiyat Past Paper PPSC

Lecturer Islamiat  Mcqs POSC  Past Paper

  • •Mother’ Name, Hazrat Amna.
  • • Maternal Grand Father’s name Wahib bins Abdul Munnaf.
  • • Maternal Grandmother, Batarah.
  • • Real name of Abdu Mutalib was Shaba.
  • • Grandmother name, Fatima.
  • • 10 is the number of Uncles and 6 aunts.
  • • Prophet journeyed to Syria with Abu Talib at 12 years.
  • • At 25 Prophet married to Hazrat Khadija.
  • • Hazrat Khadija accepted Islam first in Women and in all.
  • • Hazrat Abu Bakar accepted first in Men.
  • • Hazrat Ali accepted first in Children.
  • • Varqa Bin Naufal verified Prophet for the first time.
  • • Holy prophet had 4 daughters and 3 sons.
  • • At age of 40 holy Prophet received first Wahy.
  • • Hazrat Zubaida (RA) was the second wife of Holy Prophet.
  • • In 622 A.D Holy Prophet migrated to madina.
  • • Hazrat Haleema was the foster mother of Holy Prophet.
  • • Besides Hazrat Haleema (RA) Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that Umme-e-Aemon is also my mother.
  • • Name the foster mother(s) of the Holy Prophet (SAW) Hazrat Halema (RA), Hazrat Sobia (RA) and Hazrat Khola (RA)
  • • How many years after the birth of Holy Prophet (SAW), Hazrat Aamina died? Six years
  • • Sheema was the foster sister of Holy Prophet.
  • • Abduallh Bin Abu Sheema was the foster brother of Prophet.
  • • Hazrat Haleema looked after the holy prophet for 4 years.
  • • 35 was the age at the time of Hajr-i-Aswad incident.
  • • Hazrat Bilal Habshi was the first slave to accept Islam.
  • • Wife of Abu Lahab used to spread throne in the way of prophet in 4th year of prophethood.
  • • Home of Hazrat Arqam (RA) used as the centre of secret preaching by the holy prophet.
  • • In 7th Nabvi boycott of Banu Hashim began.
  • • Hazrat Adam met with Holy Prophet on the first heaven.
  • • Hazrat Isa and Hazrat Yahya on 2nd.
  • • Hazrat Yaqub on 3rd.
  • • Hazrat Idrees on 4th.
  • • Hazrat Harron on 5th.
  • • Hazrat Musa on 6th.
  • • Hazrat Ibraheem on 7th.
  • • Al-Kaswa is the name of Camel on which prophet traveled.
  • • Prophet purchased mosque land at medina from two orphans.
  • • 45 Companions were with Prophet in migration to madina.
  • Charter of Madina was issued on 1 A.H it had 53 Articles.
  • • Transfer of Qibla was ordered in 2nd A.H.
  • • 27 total no of Ghazwas.
  • • First Ghazwah of Islam was Widan, fought in 12th month of First Hijrah.
  • • Jang Badr occurred in 2 A.H. 313 Muslims fought in battle.
  • Types of Hadith are 10.
  • • Imam Zuhri (RA) became the first to consolidate Ahadith.
  • • No of Hadith Collected by Abu Huraira (RA) 5374.
  • • Prophet hazrat Noah (AS) known as Shaikh al Anbiya
  • • Aby Ubaiduh Bin Jiirrah was entitled Ameen-ul Ummat.
  • • Hazrat Umar proposed Azan for the first time.
  • • The dome over the sacred Grave of the holy prophet is known as Dunbade-Khizra.
  • • Baitul Mamur is a place where seventy thousand angles were circumambulation during the Holy Ascension.
  • • Baitul Mamoor is on 7th Heaven.
  • • 4 kings accepted Islam when holy prophet sent them letters.
  • • Mosque of Zarar was demolished by prophet.
  • • Ume Salma was present at the time of the battle of Khyber.
  • • Hazrat Ali Conquered the fort of Qamus.
  • • Lady named Zainab tried to poison the Holy Prophet.
  • • Prophet recited surah Al-Fatha at the conquest of Makkah .
  • • Hashim was grand father of prophet & brother of Muttalib.
  • • The name Muhamammad was proposed by Abdul Muttalib while the name Ahmed was proposed by Bibi Aminah.
  • • Migration from Mecca to Abyssinia took place in the 7th month of the 5th year of the mission i.e 615 A.d. The total number of migrated people was 15

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