Introduction to Computer Quiz

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Which of the following devices produce softcopy output?
What the information is called that we get from the computer?
What the devices are called that are used to store information?
Set of instructions given to the computer to perform a specific task is called---------?
Which device input sound/voice in computer system?
The physical parts of a computer that we can see and touch are known as-------?
Which of the following is a reliable storage device to transfer Data from one computer to the other?
Which of the following is a permanent memory?
What is printer?
Which of the following is not an output device?
Which computer component is called the brain of the computer?
Monitor is also known as--------?

Leaderboard for Computer G6C1

1. Asif Sajjad-100%
2. Wasim-100%
3. Asma iqbal-100%
4. arifaa-100%
5. M.Nadeem-100%

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