Computer Networks & Communication Quiz

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Which of the following network is confined to a relatively small area?
MAN stands for                                                   .
Which device is used to send messages,data or information to other devices?
                             is a type of cable that uses glass (or Plastic) threads to transmit data.
                                Is the channel or path through which the data or information is transferred from one place to another in a computer network.
Which of the following is a communication device?
                                 is global navigation satellite system.
The data is transferred from one place to another through _____________.
Which is powerful computer that facilitates the whole network by providing variety of services to the computer or devices connected to the network?
In a computer network a                     device receives messages, data or information from a sending device.
A computer network consists of _____ parts.
                     is wireless technology for exchanging data between different devices over short distances.
_____________ is a type of wire that consists of a center wire surrounded by insulation and then a grounded shield of braided wire.
In WAN ,"W" stands for______.
Which of the following is the fastest transmission media?
NIC stands for                                      .
                       is a very large computer network covering a large geographic area, such as state, province, country, or whole world.
A computer network is interconnection of two or more _________?
_________ is an expansion card that enables a computer to connect to a network.
A computer network consists of               basic components.

Leaderboard for Computer G8C1

1. Ali awais-100%
2. Asma iqbal-100%
3. Ali Hassan-95%
4. Asma iqbal-95%
5. rana faisal-90%

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