Pedagogy Quiz

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After a lesson is taught, the teachers lesson plan should be:
What do we want to achieve at the end of instruction?
The competency of a teacher can be judged on the basis of:
you will behave in class on extra arrangement by being:
You can improve the students who are weak in studies through:
SOLO stands for ____.
As a class teacher you will tackle the regularly late coming students by:
Which is more suitable in teaching of science?
In teaching experienced members guide the immature one's for____.
A teacher is successful only if he:
SOLO TAXONOMY consists of levels
With reference to solo taxonomy, to go beyond the information is _____.
................ is the most important for a teacher.
The word "Pedagogy" means?
Which is not the focal point of  triangular process of teaching?
The evaluation of personality is best made through the use of a/an.
You have brilliant student who is very good at studies but bot taking part in curricular activities. You will:
The goal of teaching is ______.
An effective communication does not require:
Teacher performs practically and explains in___________.

Leaderboard for Pedagogy

1. saima-100%
2. Mona-58%
3. Saima-52%
4. -50%
5. -

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