Educational Psychology Quiz

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What level of consciousness the process of awareness indicates?

Educational psychology should provide prospective teachers with

Which behaviour studies Psychology as a science?

The ability to think in novel and unusual ways is called?

The primary aim of educational psychology is

The process of Adaptation in piagetian Cognitive Development theory is?

Who established the first Psychological Laboratory?

Psychology began to be studied as a science in Germany in the year

Which of the following is not a function of educational psychology?

The study of occupational information should be

Who suggested that mental processes and events are unimportant or even totally nonexistent?

Founder of socio psychological development was?

Education psychology is oriented towards

At which stage of cognitive development the child develops object permanence?

Interest attitudes appreciation, skills and achievements are primarily the product of?

The pioneer of identifying individual differences was?

Law of learning associated with Reinforcement in Operant conditioning is?

By what types of theories of Human nature, sexual behaviour and the conditions under which a person may be held legally responsible for his actions are influenced?

Greeks studied psychology as a branch of

General Psychology and Educational Psychology are dissimilar. In that educational psychology

Leaderboard for Educational Psychology

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2. Joann-35%
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