Introduction to Windows Quiz

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The main screen of the Microsoft Windows is know as________.

Time is displayed in the ___________.

___________ is a collection of data that is stored on a computer.

A ___________ allows a user to work with multiple programs.

__________ bar gives information about the window and its contents.

____________ icon gives access to hard disk and other hardware.

A ____________________is named by a letter followed by a colon (:).

The window  name is shown on the _____________ bar.

Folders are like_______________ in which you can place files /folders.

________is software that provides platform to work on a computer

Taskbar  is placed at the the_____of the screen in windows.

_________ feature is used to make an exact copy of a file or a folder.

Cut feature is used to ______________ a file /folder form one location to an other.

________gives complete control of the computer under one menu.

_________ is a place where windows store deleted files.

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