Commonly used software Quiz

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____________ is defined as the number of words typed in one minute.

___________is a software which is used to play audio and video files.

____________are the keys setting for the left hand.

Airbrush tool create a_________pattern.

A user can draw perfect circle by ellipse toll using_______key while dragging the mouse.

______________tool is used to zoom in the drawing.

The ___________ is the panel at the top of the document.

____________ Key are called home.

_____________ tool is used to fill the screen or a closed shape.

____________ Button is located on the top left corner of word 2007.

Paint is a________software.

____________ is the most popular word processing software.

_____________tool is used to write text in the drawing.

Mute button is used to___________ the volume.

Delete key deletes the characters from the__________ side of the cursor.

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1. umer-80%
2. umer-13%
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