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Which of the following is a malicious program that replication and spreads independently and harms the computer?

Which malicious program records user behavior on the internet,display ads and can even download other malicious software on to the computer?
A website that is set up to spread a virus or for some other unethical purpose is called an ________.
Which of the following is a computer program that detects,prevents, and takes action to deactivate or remove malicious programs?
_______________ contains the information about malware which can be used to identify them.
Which of the following is a common source of spreading viruses in computer?
_________ is the unauthorized use of computer, networks and its resource.
An e-mail virus is a computer code sent as                                        to other computers.
People who include themselves in hacking activities are called                                 .
Some common types of                    to the computer are virus, Worms, Hackers, and Adware.
Software which has been duplicated and distributed without authorization is called                         Software.
                         is software which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertisements to a computer usually without user’s knowledge.
which one is a virus?
Who is security guard of computer system?
Which one is a famous antivirus program?

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