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1) Managing school record is main duty of_______?

2) Every system of education is based on ?

3) Who suggested that mental processes and events are unimportant or even totally nonexistent?

4) Word philosophy is derived from ?

5) What do we want to achieve at the end of instruction?
6) Being the science of wisdom philosophy aims at ?

7) General Psychology and Educational Psychology are dissimilar. In that educational psychology

8) Education is derived from a Latin word ?

9) Authoritarian model is more suitable for _____.

10) Educere means ?

11) Education psychology is oriented towards

12) “Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body” is the saying of ?

13) The word "Pedagogy" means?
14) The primary aim of educational psychology is

15) What does E and D Rules mean?

16) Which of the following is not a function of educational psychology?

17) To motivate the other to achieve certain goals is______.

18) Educational psychology should provide prospective teachers with

19) An ideal teacher:

20) Teacher performs practically and explains in___________.

21) The competency of a teacher can be judged on the basis of:
22) By what types of theories of Human nature, sexual behaviour and the conditions under which a person may be held legally responsible for his actions are influenced?

23) The most important challenge before a teacher is to:
24) A choice made between two or more alternative is called_____?

25) An effective communication does not require:
26) Logos means knowledge and Psyche means

27) A teacher is successful only if he:
28) Curriculum organization used for different concepts at the same class is?

29) What level of consciousness the process of awareness indicates?

30) ................ is the most important for a teacher.
31) Role of student is active in__________.
32) The most important important function of the teacher is to:
33) The function and structure of nervous system includes

34) You can improve the students who are weak in studies through:
35) Curriculum presents instructional material is stated by

36) you will behave in class on extra arrangement by being:
37) Another name of working memory is?

38) As a class teacher you will tackle the regularly late coming students by:
39) Which behaviour studies Psychology as a science?

40) You have brilliant student who is very good at studies but bot taking part in curricular activities. You will:
41) Founder of socio psychological development was?

42) You find that in your class a group of students is not obeying you. You will:
43) Budgeting is an estimation of_______.

44) The discovery method of learning is best exemplified by;
45) Who was the first psychologist?

46) After a lesson is taught, the teachers lesson plan should be:
47) What is the subject matter of Psychology?

48) Which is the basic Emotion?

49) Syllabus is a part of?

50) The pioneer of identifying individual differences was?

51) Greeks studied psychology as a branch of

52) At which stage of cognitive development the child develops object permanence?

53) Which is more suitable in teaching of science?

54) Hierarchy of needs was presented by?

55) Psychology began to be studied as a science in Germany in the year

56) The process of helping individual make life adjustment at home school and other phases of life is called?

57) Benefits A.V Aids are that they?

58) The process of Adaptation in piagetian Cognitive Development theory is?

59) Who established the first Psychological Laboratory?

60) Model of eight types of learning was designed by?

61) The authorized person of staff performance is______.

62) Piaget presented the theory of?

63) The study of occupational information should be

64) Which is basic emotion?

65) Relationship of subjects at different level is called?

66) The ability to think in novel and unusual ways is called?

67) Translation of concrete experiences, development of logical thinking are given by?

68) Interest attitudes appreciation, skills and achievements are primarily the product of?

69) In teaching experienced members guide the immature one's for____.

70) Law of learning associated with Reinforcement in Operant conditioning is?

71) Experiments on learning by insight were performed by?

72) The category of Audio Visual Aids is?

73) Logical thinking according to Jean Piaget starts at the stages of?

74) The level of school adminstration can best be judged through_____.

75) Perception and attention play major role in?

76) Major concern of curriculum is?

77) Which is not the focal point of  triangular process of teaching?

78) The importance of curriculum in the system of education is just like a?

79) In POSDIR, R stands for______.

80) Curriculum is supposed to?

81) The goal of teaching is ______.
82) Curriculum reflects the culture of?

83) What is central to administration?

84) The outline of the contents is?

85) SOLO stands for ____.
86) Component of curriculum is?

87) The degree to which organizational resources contribute to productivity is____?

88) Models of curriculum presently being used at any stage in Pakistan is?

89) SOLO TAXONOMY consists of levels
90) The scope of curriculum include

91) Coordinating , stimulating and directing the growth of teacher is the purpose of___?

92) The concise Oxford Dictionary defines curriculum as a?

93) To bring harmony among all the elements of programme is____.
94) The model of curriculum could not move above elementary stage is?

95) With reference to solo taxonomy two or more aspects are understood in _____.

96) Curriculum development refers to the total process of curriculum?

97) In “POSDCORB” CO stands for what?
98) Logical order of content organization is to arrange the content according to?

99) With reference to solo taxonomy integration is developed between two or more aspects in_____.

100) How many basic components of curriculum  have?

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