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1) Who was the first election commissioner of Pakistan?

2) F,.M Khan served as chief election commissioner from 1956 to _____.

3) Who was the chief election commissioner at the time of 2013 general election?

4) Who is the current chief election commissioner of Pakistan?

5) Justice Irshad Hasan khan served as chief election commissioner of Pakistan from 2004 to____?

6) Who is the author of Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military?
7) Justice Abdus Sattar served as Chief election commissioner of Pakistan from 1969 to____?

8) Donald Trump is _____________ president of America

9) Justice Q. Muhammad Farooq served as Chief election commissioner from 2007 to____?

10) Justice Hamid Mirza served from 2009 to____?

11) Who served as Chief Election Commissioner from 1993 to 1996?

12) Who is the author of Zaviya?
13) Who served as ECE from 1982 to 1988?

14) The current president of the NATIONAL BANK PAKISTAN (NBP) is______.

15) Election 2013 took place on ______ 2013.

16) Duration of Chief Election Commissioner is________.

17) Constitution of 1973 was authenticated and published in the official Gazette on____.

18) On Jan 24, Pakistan tested Ababeel missile that has maximum range of _____kilometers.

19) The Constitution of 1973 came into force on____.

20) Constitution of 1973 consist of ______

21) Constitution of 1973 consist of ______

22) First caretaker female chief election commissioner of Pakistan who took oath on 7 November-2016 ?

23) Election Commission of Pakistan was created on _________ under Article 137 of 1956 constitution.

24) On Dec 21, ________was appointed the Chief justice of the Peshawar High Court (PHC)

25) First census of Indo-Pak exercised in _______.

26) Election Commission of Pakistan prepares electoral rolls & revision of rolls annually is under______.

27) International Parliamentary Organization ICP awarded ECP for_____.

28) Chief election commissioner appoints officers under________.

29) ECP can disqualify MNAs & MPAs under ______.

30) Article 41 (3) is about to hold elections for______.

31) Ecp can hold referendum under _____.

32) Ecp appoints election tribunals under _______.

33) Ecp holds senate election under______.

34) Public can get the information by entering CNIC number and sending the text message to the number ____.

35) Total number of political parties registered with ECP are____.

36) The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has declared ____ as National Voters Day to create awareness among the people about their right to vote.

37) FAFEN is a non-profit organization. It is short of_______.

38) The 14th National Assembly consisting of a total of _____ members who are referred to as Members of the National Assembly (MNAs).

39) What is the slogan of Election commission of Pakistan?

40) How many new members included in Election commission on July-2016?

41) Who is Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)?

42) Who is the Hon'ble Member (Sindh) in Election commission of Pakistan?

43) Who is the Hon'ble Member (Punjab) in Election commission of Pakistan?

44) Who is the Hon'ble Member (KPK) in Election commission of Pakistan?

45) Who is the Hon'ble Member (Baluchistan) in Election commission of Pakistan?

46) ECP organize and conduct election to the Local Government institutions under ____.

47) Who is the election commissioner of Sindh province?

48) EVM stands for:

49) NADRA stands for:

50) Election ink or indelible ink which is applied to fingers of voters during elections to prevent double voting contains which among the following chemicals which make it stain the skin impossible to wash off?

51) In General elections 2013, Ballot paper had "None of these candidates" option.

52) A political party holds 126 days long protest with reference to alleged rigging in GE-2013 that leads to Judicial commission. Name of the party is___.

53) Objectives Resolution was passed on

54) According to Objectives Resolution sovereignty over the entire Universe belongs to

55) Objectives Resolution demanded that Pakistan

56) As per Article 1 of the Constitution territories of Pakistan shall comprise

57) Largest sea of the world ?

58) Islam to be the State religion of Pakistan as provided in _____ of the Constitution of 1973

59) According to Article 2A Objectives Resolution is _____ Part of the Constitution

60) Loyalty to state and obedience to Constitution and law is basic duty of every citizen of Pakistan and it is provided in

61) In Constitution of 1973 minimum age limit for President is held

62) President is empowered by Article ________ of the Constitution to grant pardon, reprieve, and respite and to remit, suspend or commute any sentence

63) Punjab has _______ total Seats in National Assembly

64) Balochistan has ______ total Seats in National Assembly

65) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has _______ General Seats in National Assembly.

66) Seats reserved for women from Sindh in National Assembly are

67) Federal Capital area has ______ seats in National Assembly

68) FATA has _______ seats for women in National Assembly

69) Minimum age for membership of National Assembly is

70) The Constitution of 1973 provided ________election for National Assembly.

71) Number of reserved seats for women and religious minorities in national assembly.

72) Number of seats for directly elected members in national assembly are___.

73) Number of  seats for religious minorities in National assembly of Pakistan are_____.

74) Number of seats in upper house(Senate) are____.

75) Who is the current speaker of 14th national assembly of Pakistan?

76) Who is current deputy speaker of national assembly?

77) Second strategic plan for election reforms is from year____.

78) How polling staff can post their  votes?

79) Which entity is designated to print the ballot papers for elections?

80) A reliable census is important for a country to adequately plan growth, deliver services and solve the country's problems. Pakistan recently started ______census.

81) Census is very important to determine the number of constituencies population wise. Pakistan started census exercise from_____.

82) In Pakistan, first census exercise is done in ______ .

83) Commemorative postage stamp of Rs____is issued on National voters day.

84) Pakistan's last census was executed in _______.

85) Noble peace price winner of 2014 "MALALA YOUSAFZAI" is recently awarded an honorary citizenship of_____country .

86) In election reforms draft,What are the challenges for ECP?

87) State bank of Pakistan was established in 1948 .Current Governor of state bank is Ashraf Wathra.Its Headquarter is in .....?

88) Election commission of Pakistan used biometric machines as pilot project in by-polls in_______.

89) As compared to Pakistan's interim govt setup indian election commission can____.

90) As compared to Pakistan's election ballot paper, in India ballot paper has________.

91) In India Electronic Voting Machines were used as Pilot project in _____.

92) Method used for overseas voting in India______.

93) As compared to Pakistan, In India election petitions are filed in _____.

94) 37 countries participated in multinational Naval exercises"AMAN 2017". Theme of these exercise is ____.

95) Who is Miss universe 2017?

96) Who is current secretary of state of Donald Trump?

97) Current Secretary General of United Nations is______.

98) Capital of Australia is:
99) Formosa is the old name of ______.
100) What is the name of Operation for the killing of Osama bin Laden?

Leaderboard for Election Officer Mock Test 15-04-17

1. Husnain Raza-99%
2. Husnain Raza-95%
3. Hamid yaqub-95%
4. Muhammad Shahbaz-89%
5. Qurat-ul-ain Shahzad-87%

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